Why Play Guitar?

Why do people play guitar? What's the point? Do you wanna be on TV-Have you got the X factor? Or the Essex factor?

People play guitar and other instruments for lots of different reasons.

For a new Hobby-Guitar is a great thing to do in your spare time, its creative, relaxing, inspiring, it gives you something to show for your spare time. I started playing guitar to stop playing computer games...At least when I get older I will be able to impress people with my guitar skills. I doubt that teenagers in years to come will even know what a 'play station' is...who knows I could be wrong...hopefully people will still be playing real guitars and just computerised ones, might as well just listen to techno otherwise...

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Being in a band-This is a great thing to do as it makes music social. When you're playing music that you like with people that you like, then your more than likely going to like it like (too many likes there). But seriously it gives you a chance to write songs and decide how you want them to sound. It also offers a chance to play covers of well known songs that people love.

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Enjoyment/Intellectual fulfilment-Guitar can be many things to many people...To some people it's a Toy to others it's a scientific instrument...Music is great because there is an overlap between Science and Art...so regardless of your skill set I'm sure you will be able to fit into music. It amazes me how people from different cultures who cant speak the same language can use music as a common language. Some of the Jazz players can literally get on a plane and play in Hong Kong with a band without knowing any Chinese!

Mid life/quarter life crisis? May as well make it a noisy one, lets buy an expensive guitar :D

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So give it a try, I'm mobile so you don't even have to leave home!

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